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An ideal choice for many commercial and industrial applications where the possibilty of fire spread has to be considered. Manufactured from best quality materials they have been designed and tested to comply with the performance requested of B.S.476 PART 22 (1987) by the Fire Insurer’s Research  and Testing Organisation (FIRTO) & assessed to be capable of a 4 hour rating upto a size of 7.0 mtr X 7.0 mtr.

These Fire Shutters are designed to be self closing operated by a heat sensitive fusible link (68 deg F) or through a solenoid release mechanism  controlled from the Fire or smoke alarm, available in either a hand operated form depending on size or electrically operated . Alternatively the current trend and commonly requested by Building Control Officers is an Electrically operated  1 Hour rated fire shutter that can be powered  to close  when activated by an alarm. This door would be supplied with a battery back up (UPS) unit to guarantee the door would close if the power supply had failed and additionally the shutter could also be be used as a normal rolling shutter for security, ideal for reception areas, serveries & kitchens and parts counters.

Options include colour finish in one of many standard Ral or BS reference paint colours, audio & visual alarm panels, heat detectors.

Avon offers a comprehensive after sales service and it is vital that fire shutters should be tested & serviced by experienced Door engineers at regular intervals.




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