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Avon’s Insulated Rolling Shutter door has been developed to provide a product suitable for the stringent demands of industry today. An ideal choice for many commercial and industrial applications where in addition to security, thermal or sound insulation is required as the 100mm x 22mm insulated lath sections used to make up the door curtain combine a ‘U’ value of 0.69 wm/sq/k with a sound reduction of 18db.

Using modern state of the art production techniques and the best quality material Avon’s insulated rolling shutter will provide a robust and durable product, which is safe and reliable. Both faces of the door are galvanised as standard , colour options available in either Plastisol coated steel ( see colour chart) or polyester powder coat in one of the standard range of Ral or BS colours.

Operation is generally by an electric motor ,although manual chain operation is possible up to 16m2 (4mtr x 4.2 mtr high). The electric drive motors come with integral travel limits and an emergency hand wind facility plus anti fall back devices in acordance with current H & S regulations. Where frequent use is anticipated motor can be linked to various automatic control options. Each door is specifically designed to suit the requirements of the client and particular application.



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