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High Speed Doors

Our high-speed doors are designed for applications where they will receive intensive use. The operating speed of 1 metre/second dramatically reduces draughts and temperature loss as well as optimising traffic flow. Energy costs are therefore significantly reduced, working conditions are more comfortable and productivity is improved. The Speed doors are supplied in two different forms: A Folding high-speed door is ideal for use on external walls, particularly on exposed sites where it can withstand bad weather and wind. A Rolling speed door is more suited for internal applications or locations where there is less wind.

Our range of doors comes with many features, developed to ensure that we able to meet the high technical, operational and safety requirements that are necessary today. All doors meet a standard specification as well as being factory tested to ensure customers’ needs are met. If you require assistance in choosing the correct product Avoin can arrange for one of our surveyors to call and advise.

Fold Up Speed Door

Rolling Speed doors

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