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Suitable for openings with a mixture of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, folding shutters present a clean vertical appearance, their low headroom requirement allowing the maximum door height to be achieved for a given building height.

Manual operation is easy and smooth and the recommended fixing gives a clear opening, with the doors bunched at the side out of harm’s way.

The design of a folding door is more than capable of meeting today’s main requirements – reliability, appearance and a resistance to damage – and our attention to standards ensures that construction and finish are of the highest quality.

All doors are manufactured from all galvanized material, with door leaf deeply profiled for extra support. A high strength-to-weight ratio compared to other door types helps give this door excellent wind loading characteristics for exposed areas.

Options include: Electric operation, Automatic controls, Vision panels, Sump boxes, Draught excluders, Special locking etc.



Heavy Duty Cold Rolled Galvanised Steel box track supperted from structure by suitable brackets at centres adequate to support weight of door.

Heavy Duty Cold Rolled Galvanised bottom channel with suitable grouting lugs.

Compromises galvanised steel cold rolled vertical pickets interconnected by rows of rectangular galvanised steel lattice bars working on the lazy tong principal and pivoted: The whole frame hung from top track by double rollers on alternate pickets: Guides at the base of the pickets locate in the bottom track.

Cold Rolled galvanised mild steel ribbed leaves: 305mm wide interconnected by continuous galvanised mild steel hinging strips.

Galvanised sheet metal end panels fitted when door is located behind jambs. Galvanised sheet metal soffit fitted as standard.

415V, 3ph 50 Hz operators are available mounted on the top tracks and contained within the overall measurement of the door.

7 Lever deadlock, viewing panels (510 High x 125 Wide), Ventillation grilles, sump boxes, Run way beam cut outs, Special bottom tracks, top and bottom draught excluders, polyester powder coat finish.


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